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We're ethica.

Dedicated to helping ethical content get seen.

At Ethica we help our clients get seen in a world of content bombardment. We promote your business to reach new heights because we believe ethical businesses should be top content. 


We are a team of highly experienced content creators, PR guru's, marketing whizzes and just people who want to help make the world a better place. Every team member has a background or education in sustainable, environmental, inclusive areas and each of us wants to ensure the good stuff you do gets seen. Bringing years of combined knowledge to our clients we are real people, not bots! We work with you to promote your ethical business to the world for the benefit of people and the planet. 

Truly Decent content

What we do and don't do

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We do want you to get the best service for your investment but we don't charge inflated prices and we do give to an environmental project every month (and we tell you who to keep you up to date)!

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You get cake

Our packages are very fairly priced and custom packages can be designed for you as well.  You can have your cake and eat it because we are offering it to you on a plant based plate (this can be taken literally, our team often meet with clients for a cup of tea and piece of cake)!

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But wait! There's a catch

Yes there actually is! We only work with people striving to be ethical in what they do and are on a mission to do good things, help people or/and the planet. This could be horticulture, food, fashion, technology, education,  - we work with many different sectors  (we can also help you with your strategy if you'd like to move forwards with your business in an ethical way)!

Hang on, there's one more thing

We believe there's a balance to be found between the digital world and real life people connection. We can enable connections with likeminded people and businesses if we think there could be some commonality. Human connection is imperative so if we can connect you with another client for mutual benefit, we will. It's for the good of the planet and it's free (no strings attached)!

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